When you receive customer feedback, you want to be able to quickly understand what that feedback means and take the appropriate action to ensure you are always delivering the very best customer experiences.

What Makes Us Different?

At Shared Insight we’re not reliant on using any third party software and our in-house technology team has been at the forefront of using the latest technologies to develop an industry leading reporting and analytics suite, which can be personalized, to suit your specific business needs.

Through tailored user access, our proprietary real-time reporting platform allows users to see their results as they happen and identify which areas of the customer experience they and their teams are excelling in and which areas require focus for improvement.

Users have a host of reporting options available to them from headline dashboards to detailed, specific question results at individual location or survey level. The flexibility of the platform also enables users to create their own custom reports.


Results in real-time 24/7 via a branded portal

Tailored access for head office, field teams and locations

Bespoke reports and summaries generated by individual users.

The ability to host & analyse multiple streams of feedback such as Quality Surveys and Brand audits.

Online action planning tools to identify, track and improve performance.

Reports that can be emailed or exported into a variety of formats including Excel and Adobe PDF.

Seeing is believing

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