Our Story

Shared Insight was founded by the team who pioneered the first real-time online

reporting platform for customer experience in 2001.

How We Started

Prior to launching Shared Insight, the founders developed a business that spanned North America and Europe before being acquired. During this time, the team at Shared Insight worked with some of the World’s biggest brands and retailers to create some of the most successful customer experience improvement programs in the industry.

With the explosion of technology and the availability of data, the founders saw that businesses were finding themselves becoming so thirsty for data that it was actually becoming a hindrance. They saw this most at location levels; with managers spending their time trying to sift through the data and not finding what the clear actions should be and frontline teams forgetting the basics of interacting with the customer by becoming too focused on buzzword measurements.

Today, the same passionate team has gone back to their roots, launching Shared Insight to create customer experience improvement programs that engage frontline teams to become enthusiastic and excited about giving excellent customer experiences. Creating programs that utilizes data to provide detailed insight for corporate and head office teams and clear actions for frontline teams that deliver clear and measurable returns on investment.

Leadership team

Shared Insight was founded by the team who pioneered the first real-time online reporting platform for customer experience in 2001.

Sue Day
Sue DayFounder and Chief Operations Officer
Sue is the dynamic founder and talisman for Shared Insight. A detailed orientated operator – Sue is fanatical about quality, processes and customer service. With over 20 years experience in the sector, Sue has literally written the manual on how to create successful customer experience programs.

Sue joined with Tim to create Retail Eyes in 2002 – widely acknowledged as pioneers of the industry and the most successful independent customer experience business of its time.

Following the subsequent sale of the business in 2011, Sue founded Shared Insight – a strategic customer experience agency focused on working very closely with a smaller, select number of clients.

Sue assembled a foundation team here in Manhattan Beach – comprising technology, operations, sales and administration – staying true to the principle of growing organically and from within.
Sue focusses on her role as Chief Operations Officer and ensuring that Shared Insight delivers the very highest quality programs to its clients.

Lee Cox
Lee CoxChief Technology Officer
Lee has overall responsibility for Shared Insight’s product development and IT organization. An industry visionary, he brings more than 11 years of software development and IT management experience to the role.

Whilst technology has changed considerably over the years, Lee has used his strong technical background to evolve the Shared Insight CEX platform and ensure it is always ahead of the competition.

Prior to joining Shared Insight, Lee was part of the Retail Eyes leadership team – managing a team of 10 developers and gaining invaluable experience both in coding and systems engineering management.

Lee played a crucial role in the development of Retail Eyes – joining the business as a start-up and building its technology team to create a truly industry leading customer experience platform.

Incredibly customer centric, Lee and his team are highly talented, innovative, flexible and have the ultimate ‘can do’ approach.

Getting in touch with Shared Insight

If you’ve got any questions, please click here and a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, call 310 796 0080 or email support@sharedinsight.com