Isolate is a platform developed by Shared Insight to empower location teams to quickly react to issues highlighted through customer feedback surveys.

Isolate and implement

Our Isolate platform will identify customers who have had a poor experience or if they saw anything that requires urgent attention. Customers are then given the opportunity to provide additional detail around the areas of their concern and where appropriate, request a response from the location.

Details of the specific issue will be sent directly to the location ready for the location manager to review and implement appropriate service recovery measures with the customer.

All issues are logged and accessed via our Clarity customer experience platform. This enables location, area and head office teams to see issues as they arise and monitor how they are dealt with. Clarity users can also use the platform to create a number of reports that can be tracked and trended.

Isolate will:

  • Identify customers who had a poor experience or saw something of concern
  • Alert location teams that there is an issue that needs addressing
  • Implement effective service recovery measures quickly
  • Show customers you are passionate about their experience and value their custom
  • Monitor issues and resolutions via the Clarity customer experience platform.

We all know that from time to time, things don’t go as expected. The mark of a great company will often be how well they deal with these issues.

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Proven Track Record

Our programs have a proven track record of driving positive change in our clients businesses and improving not only the customers experience but also increasing their likelihood to recommend the places they visit.

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